I began Wine & Milk in 2017, a few months before we decided we were going to pursue moving to the literal other side of the world (Mongolia) and began preparing for that.  An international move, especially one which involves fundraising, takes all. the. energy.

In summer of 2018 we moved and hit the ground running as we enrolled in school, began learning the language, adjusted to culture, struggled with visa issues, had a few weird medical things and, well, this blog just sat, neglected, taking up space on the internet.

I want this space to be good, or not to exist at all, so I’ve taken down all the posts and I’m working on the possibility of reviving her, freshening her up, and getting her ready for a long and beautiful future. I’ll either relaunch in January 2020…or I won’t…it depends on a lot of things out of my control and some things in my control.

If you’re a susbscriber or visitor, I wanted you to give you a status update.  And, if you have any feedback, positive or negative, comment below, send a message, or find me on facebook.

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