Wine and Milk creates a safe space for women to explore our Wesleyan theological heritage.

You might scoff and/or ask, “Do women really need their own blog about theology?” After much scoffing and asking myself this same question, I have a very clear and firm answer: no but yes.

No, truth is truth regardless of your gender. And, really the content (at least 90% of it) won’t be gender specific at all (the fonts and photos I use might be prettier than if I were trying to reach men).

But yes, because a lot of women haven’t had (or taken) the opportunity to explore theology with academically credible mentors.  I know they are hungry to learn but many are intimidated by the realm of theology. But I know they want to learn, to read,  to ask, to doubt, to create, to explore, to know truth, and live truth, and communicate truth. I want to help them.

In a perfect world men and women would sit at the same table, learn theology from and with both genders, but it’s not a perfect world and, while I want to move toward a perfect world, I want to work with the reality of what exists and I want to serve the church well.  I’m uniquely positioned to credibly contribute to the theological education and transformation of women (because of my gender, my experience, and the letters behind my name) so I’m going for it.

And I invite you to come a long with me.  Because theology matters.  What we know in our heads and believe in our hearts about who God is, who we are, and how those two things relate makes all the difference in the world.  Out of the overflow of our hearts (the core of what we know and feel to be true) we speak and we act.  So let’s start inside.  Let’s bring to light and evaluate what we think and what we believe about God, ourselves, and the world in light of Scripture.

About the Author

I’m a pastor, a wife, and a mom.  I am passionate about helping other people understand the Bible, about loving broken people, and about equipping leaders for ministry.  I’m not great at hobbies or housekeeping but I am pretty good at working so it’s a good thing I like my job(s).  I like to read, and write, and sit on the beach watching and listening to the waves roll in off of Lake Michigan. I’m sometimes crafty, sometimes exercisey, but more often Netflixy.

I do not like coffee; it feels important for you to know this. If I ever say, “We should get coffee,” what I mean is “We should get Coke, or ice cream, or pretzels at the Village Baker.”  I will not judge you for drinking coffee, but no amount of creamer, sugar, or chocolate will get me want to drink it so do not even try to convince me.  If there was ever a chance of me converting it would have been when my husband managed an independent coffee shop in Portland, OR.  It was there that I developed a taste for Irish Cream steamers…but not coffee.   It was also there that I learned how much I genuinely LOVED working with men and women who were homeless or struggling with addiction…but that’s another story for another day.  The point is…no coffee.

I live in Grand Haven, just a couple miles from Lake Michigan, where I’m on the pastoral staff of All Shores Wesleyan Church and oversee local outreach.  I also am an Instructor for Western Seminary’s Online Campus where I walk with students through a variety of Bible and Theology courses.  I have a BA in Religion, a MA in Exegetical Theology, and a ThM (which is higher level master’s degree that exists only in the theology world). My husband, Cory, manages a men’s transitional housing center. We have been married for 13 years and have a delightful 6 year old daughter.