Sick Day

It's a sick day at the Ellison home after a rough week walking through the messiness of life with friends so there's no post this week. But NEXT week you can look forward to a post on the Trinity.  Specifically, I'll talk about how the word "Trinity" isn't a biblical word but the doctrine does... Continue Reading →

The Omni-ness of God

"We believe in the one living and true God, both holy and loving, eternal, unlimited in power, wisdom and goodness..." Omni-, as a prefix means,  "all-" in Latin.  So you can take any word (it's probably best to use the Latin translation of the word) to make a new word that means all-that-word.  For example,... Continue Reading →

Both Holy and Loving

  I was a counselor at a Christian one summer camp during college.  When my cabin of high school girls gathered after the evening rally and I asked them what "holy"meant. We had just finished singing about how holy God was and it occurred to me they might not understand what they had so passionately been declaring.... Continue Reading →

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